What do we have to offer?

We offer 14 separate programs….

Muscle Growth, Performance and Endurance, Repair, Recovery…

Weight Loss, Specialty, Immunity, Skin and Hair…

Intimacy, Libido, Erectile Dysfunction…

Cognitive Function, Sleep, Memory, Focus, Attention, Neuroprotection, Post TBI Recovery, Alzheimer’s Prevention…

And Evidence Based Longevity

What will the programs involve?

Programs will involve several key components.

  1. The first visit typically takes 45-60 minutes.
  2. Be prepared to take notes.
  3. Handouts will be provided for each peptide discussed.
  4. Information will be provided on how to obtain each peptide, however non-prescription are not condoned for human consumption, but are used for research purposes.
  5. After the visit, if you have questions, we can maintain contact via phone or text throughout each month when a 6 month program is purchased.

We look forward to helping you feel more young and vibrant, as our mission is to help provide not only the best quality of life, but a better opportunity for you to achieve the unachievable – David Douglas PA-C